Community Champions

In order to demonstrate how much the British public supports the government taking the ambitious action we need on climate change, we need to activate our communities across the UK.

In towns and cities in every region, our societies, sports clubs, schools, faith institutions, village halls, and everything in between are the glue that sticks our communities together. We’ve got a bold vision to sign up as many groups, clubs, and organisations to the Climate Action Declaration as possible.


We’re hoping that because you’ve got this far, you have already signed our Climate Action Declaration and you’re ready to champion it in your communities.

But in order to do that, we need your help. You’re the teachers, scout leaders, football coaches, youth club mentors, librarians, carers, market traders. You’re the people that know your communities, and your support will be vital in reaching every corner of the UK. Will you become a champion for climate action and activate the organisations in your community to sign up to the Climate Action Declaration?


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