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We need you to help ensure our leaders take the right decisions this Autumn and set us on track to a healthy, green and fair recovery from Coronavirus.
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About the campaign

The decisions the government makes this Autumn about public spending will echo through generations. Our children and grandchildren should live in a world with clean air, beautiful green spaces and jobs that stand the test of time. Take action today.


This Autumn, the government is doing a Comprehensive Spending Review to make important decisions on what they invest in for the next five years.

These decisions could set us on a path to a healthy, green and fair tomorrow or they could lock in pollution for generations to come. We need the government to show climate ambition by investing in renewable energy, efficient housing and clean transport; protecting green and wild spaces; and implementing a rule that means all public spending must get us further on track to net zero emissions.


It is a year until the UK hosts a major UN Climate Summit - also known as COP26. This is our opportunity to lead the world into a greener future, but first we need to invest in the solutions to climate change at home.

The decisions made in this Spending Review are key opportunity for the UK to lead the world by ensuring our recovery gets us on track to net-zero emissions and limits the rise in the global temperature to 1.5 degrees C


Use your voice to say the time is now for a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone.

Politicians are planning how to rebuild a strong and resilient UK economy after the Coronavirus crisis. We know that tackling climate change and protecting nature goes hand in hand with building a resilient economy. It will generate jobs, safeguard the economy from future shocks and also safeguard our health.This is an opportunity for us to show politicians that their constituents want a cleaner, greener future to be at the heart of public spending plans. Use your voice by submitting statements (known in this process as ‘representations’) to the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

It’s really easy to get involved:

STEP ONE: Use our tool to help you outline why you want a healthy, green and fair recovery, and customise it to what you care about. Make sure you personalise it in the sections that we highlight to bring it to life.

STEP TWO: Submit it through the government website - a page will open in a new tab or window so you don’t need to move away from this website.

STEP THREE: Email your MP to tell them that you have submitted to the Comprehensive Spending Review and ask them to champion a cleaner, greener future that works for everyone.

Once you’ve completed these steps have a celebratory cup of tea, and get on social media to tell your friends about this action.

The Climate Coalition has six key asks of the Government this Autumn. 

All of these policies will generate jobs fit for the future at the heart of our communities, and help to build a resilient and green economy.

Choose from the options below to add the areas you care about to your submission (choose as many as you want) - and don't forget to personalise the first paragraph.

I care about:

Here is your representation (don't forget to personalise the bits in capital letters)

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Now, copy your representation and paste it into the Treasury's form (the form will open in a new tab or window when you click below)
Thank you for submitting to the Spending Review.

By adding your submission you are joining people from all walks of life to be a voice for change that’s impossible to ignore

Please tell your MP that you have submitted to the Spending Review, so they can follow up on your behalf and champion a green and fair recovery in Parliament.